Tuesday, June 16, 2009

First attempt at distressing

This was my first attempt at trying to make-over an object to look old and distressed. The frame before wasn't bad but it was silver and somewhat modern looking. I never displayed it because it didn't feel like my style. Now I love it and it makes the old black and white photo of my grandmother look so adorable. Any tips from you experts out there on how to do differently/better in the future? I'd love the advice.

De-cluttered Refrigerator

I saw this idea in a book and decided to use it as a magnet to organize the clutter on my refrigerator. So even if the clutter is still there, at least it looks a little cuter. I used hardboard that I painted and left the edges rough. I painted and glued on clothespins and glued magnets on the back of the board. It also helps with the problem of weak magnets not holding enough because the clothespin can hold a lot more.