Saturday, August 28, 2010

Easy-peasy Nursing Covers

I'm trying to get ready for baby #2 who should arrive in about 2 weeks! yay! But I've been thinking a lot about how it's going to be nursing when I have a curious 3 yr old who is my constant shadow. It was no big deal the first time around when I was home alone but this time I'm going to need a plan for privacy. I saw some nursing covers that have boning in them to allow you to be covered but still have visibility of what you are doing. I thought this would really help but they retail for $35-$38! So I found this site: and made my own for about $7 a piece. Super simple and takes less than an hour to make one!

Saturday, August 14, 2010

Baby Girl Nursery

With baby girl a month away, her nursery is all ready and waiting for her.
The crib bedding is the inspiration for everything. The walls were already pink and white so the sage, rose, and gray blue of the bedding were nice colors to blend everything together.

This is a wall tree that I found at a yard sale. It is made from a vintage door and knob and I am using it as shown here to hang bonnets, bows, and booties. They are such pretty accessories that it's nice to be able to display them.

This is a picture frame that I embellished with silk flowers, ribbon, and tulle. The idea is to clip hair bows and pictures on it for display as well as function as organization for all those tiny bows.

I was excited to be able to use these floral prints that belonged to my late grandmother. They help complete the vintage/Victorian feel that I wanted the room to have.

There pictures are Degas prints depicting ballerinas that hung in my room when I was younger.

I used small plates that belong to my grandmother and a collage I made to fill in a small area. I think the plates are really sweet. I love plates and have tried to start collecting them over the past couple of years.

This is a baby doll carriage I found at a yard sale that dates back to the earlier 1900's (1910-1930 ish). I loved it when I saw it. Right now it's being used for holding stuffed animals but I always thought it would be cute for display at Christmas time.

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Playroom Organization

We've been in our house for 6 months now and we are so lucky to have a room for all the toys. I've finally gotten around to setting up a more organized way of storing the toys. Now my child can actually see what she has and that makes has helped her enjoy playing with her toys so much more.
We got a cube shelf and fabric baskets from target. I made labels to help her know what was in each basket. She thought it was fun to read the labels and find what she was looking for. I'm not an organization freak but I have to admit being organized makes things more beautiful and enjoyable.

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Loving my New Family Room

We just recently got new furniture for our family room. I'm sooo excited. I feel like a real adult now. This is the first matching furniture set that we have ever purchased. It just makes the room and the house feel more complete.
Love my Paula Deen end tables! So glad we went with the creamy color, it makes the room feel lighter and younger. (Good idea honey ;) )

The red ottoman with contrast piping was my idea :)

I just think these lamps with the lion head fineals are so cute. Roarrrrr! Embrace it people.

Friday, March 26, 2010

Romantic Beach Bathroom

I've always wanted a beach cottage style room in my home. Here is my guest/child's bathroom decorated in my interpretation of a romantic beach style.

This is a collage I made in one of my first posts.

The jars are jam jars I've saved over that last few months. The silver tray is a Dollar Tree purchase.

This toothbrush holder is a tin can that once had cocoa mix but I painted it cream is a distressed style. My secret is that inside it is another jam jar for easy cleaning.

My challenge was mixing these vintage pink nature pictures with hooks and my collage in with the seaside feel. I hope I succeeded.

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Glitzy Sweater Pillow

I had an old white knit sweater that didn't fit any more and several broaches that I wear only occasionally. So without sewing a single stitch my shabby, not so chic bedding got a little more glamorous going from the following...

To this!

Here's how:
1) Turn the sweater inside out and use safety pins along the top to close the neck line.

2) Turn the sweater right side out again except the sleeves.
3)Stuff with a pillow and keep sleeves tucked flat in the back inside of the pillow.
4)Fold over open bottom edge and pin together with glitzy broaches. When your tired of this look just unpin, no stitches to undo!

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Playroom Storybook Art

My daughter's room is PINK PINK PINK so I wanted to bring in some different, brighter color to her plain beige playroom. My inspiration was display boards I saw in Pottery Barn kids. I bought 2 2x3 foot cork boards from Walmart for $8 a piece. Coordinating yards of fabric were stapled on the back to cover the boards. I took pictures from children's storybooks (Mother Goose Nursery Rhymes and my fav- The Runaway Bunny) and a calendar to use as the artwork. This artwork was cheap, quick, easy, colorful, large to make a greater impact, and I can change it around as often as I like.