Thursday, September 17, 2009

Decorating Craft Pumpkins

Here's a craft pumpkin where I added ribbon and tulle to give it a bit of Halloween whimsy. I attached my ribbon with glue dots so it was super easy but glue or pins at the top and bottom would work too. The thing I love the most it that it will last from year to year so the few dollars I put into it will go a long way! Can't take credit for the idea, I got it from . Hers was way cute with the leaves on top.

Halloween Greetings

Getting excited for the spirit of fall and Halloween, I made two Halloween greeting signs to hang on doors in my home. I painted hardboard with acrylic paints and used paint pens to write the greetings. Everything was free hand (I don't profess to be some great artist), but who needs perfection anyways! I found super cute Halloween ribbon with black and orange and spider webs. Super easy, super quick, and the cute sayings add a bit of holiday cheer to the Halloween season.