Thursday, October 1, 2009

Scared Stiff! (starched ghost)

Here is another fast, no cost Halloween craft. I used a cloth diaper (I had them laying around-they are great dusting rags) but other materials such as cheese cloth or old sheet would work too.

Step 1: mix 1 cup cold water and 1/4 cup corn starch in a small sauce pan.

Step 2: bring to boil and stir until a thick jelly-like paste forms.

Step 3: soak cloth in water and squeeze out excess water (the water will help the cloth to absorb the starch)

Step 4: in a bowl add the starch solution and cloth, cover cloth well with starch solution and remove excess

Step 5: lay fabric over object to shape (I used a vase with a bowl turned upside down) and allow to dry over night

Step 6: add on face with paint or permanent marker.

I think with would look great with a battery tea light underneath or hanging from the ceiling.

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