Saturday, November 28, 2009

'Cause we need a little Christmas...on these kitchen cabinets!

I live in an apartment with hideous, ultra modern white cabinets and cheapy silver handles. So I'm sprucing them up with a little Christmas cheer! I made 9in wreaths from garland I got from the Dollar Tree (15ft for $1). Then I tried a little bow at the top and ribbon to hang them. I used duck tape to hold mine (it can't hurt these cabinets). These kitchen cabinet wreaths made a huge difference and had a big impact for cheap, we're talking 20 cents each!

Here's my baker Santa I got 75% off. I added some scrap fabric, an old hot cocoa tin from Williams Sonoma (I never throw away anything I find beautiful), and some bowls to create a cute scene on top the fridge in keeping with the theme of the kitchen.

Love my cute gingerbread man- Thanks mom!

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