Friday, February 26, 2010

My Big Girl's Room

We recently moved from an apartment to our first home which was exciting because it meant that I could actually decorate my daughter's room. The room was already pink when we moved, and I mean PINK. While it was a little too pink for me, I couldn't repaint once my little girl fell in love with the color. So we chose to tone it down with a brown, green, and rose colored quilt from JC Penny. For the artwork I used three different antique ballet prints that I've had since childhood. In fact almost all the girlie accessories were mine as a child. Can you tell I loved ballet and dolls? How lucky am I that I get to relive my childhood through my daughter's room?

I love this gorgeous hand-painted wardrobe that I got when I was younger.

This picture is the first antique I ever bought. I choose things for their beauty and not for their monetary value. The frame is aged and the print is worn but that's what I think is so special about it, along with the charming image it portrays.

I had fun watching her room come together. The little girl in me loves it! Thanks for letting me share!

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