Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Loving my New Family Room

We just recently got new furniture for our family room. I'm sooo excited. I feel like a real adult now. This is the first matching furniture set that we have ever purchased. It just makes the room and the house feel more complete.
Love my Paula Deen end tables! So glad we went with the creamy color, it makes the room feel lighter and younger. (Good idea honey ;) )

The red ottoman with contrast piping was my idea :)

I just think these lamps with the lion head fineals are so cute. Roarrrrr! Embrace it people.


  1. I love it Marle! I am partial to red b/c I have a red sectional in my family room. I love the lamps and end tables too. Tres chic!

  2. Beautiful family room and very comfy looking. Love the cream for the end tables and that ottoman has my name all over it *smiles*