Saturday, August 14, 2010

Baby Girl Nursery

With baby girl a month away, her nursery is all ready and waiting for her.
The crib bedding is the inspiration for everything. The walls were already pink and white so the sage, rose, and gray blue of the bedding were nice colors to blend everything together.

This is a wall tree that I found at a yard sale. It is made from a vintage door and knob and I am using it as shown here to hang bonnets, bows, and booties. They are such pretty accessories that it's nice to be able to display them.

This is a picture frame that I embellished with silk flowers, ribbon, and tulle. The idea is to clip hair bows and pictures on it for display as well as function as organization for all those tiny bows.

I was excited to be able to use these floral prints that belonged to my late grandmother. They help complete the vintage/Victorian feel that I wanted the room to have.

There pictures are Degas prints depicting ballerinas that hung in my room when I was younger.

I used small plates that belong to my grandmother and a collage I made to fill in a small area. I think the plates are really sweet. I love plates and have tried to start collecting them over the past couple of years.

This is a baby doll carriage I found at a yard sale that dates back to the earlier 1900's (1910-1930 ish). I loved it when I saw it. Right now it's being used for holding stuffed animals but I always thought it would be cute for display at Christmas time.


  1. Want to come help me with our nursery??? This room is precious (not as precious as the little girl will be!) and I especially love the vintage theme. The picture frame holding the bows is very clever and I am tempted to steal the idea.

  2. Adorable! I'm so impressed with how creative you were.

  3. This is beautiful, special! Luv it! Lark

  4. what an adorable nursery! And I love the re-purposed door and picture frame! what a great idea :)